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Experts in transforming the way businesses present themselves.

Our Graphic Designers create a corporate identity with services like Logo, Brochure Designing, Interactive Presentations, Flash Video and Audio Presentations, Banner Ads and we also apply your brand to your website.

You couldn't find yourself a nicer bunch of people to make the branding process more seamless. Some people chose to be investment bankers, some people choose to be pilots, and some people choose to be doctors - we choose branding! It is what we do, all day, every day, and sometimes even in our sleep.

We know how to write and understand the brief, design stunning brands, present ideas to numerous stakeholders and bring them all together. We know how to test the design so it works in every conceivable environment, and when it's finalised we most certainly know how to apply it to brochures, creative direct mail pieces and powerful adverts.

We love branding projects, and we can't wait to talk to you about yours. If you would like to find out more about how we can help, call +234 803 682 1933 or email us

Revitalising brand design energises customers and excites staff. We organise it, so it's easy.

Logos, logo identities, brands, re-brands, new brands, design, brand design, graphic design - it's all part of the process of revitalising the way a company's, brands and marketing materials look and feel.

A brand identity should reflect and emphasise the intrinsic qualities that a company considers to be important, so that it sends out the right message to prospective customers.

We craft and subtly position (or reposition) companies by identifying the 'triggers' that motivate the target audience towards a buying decision, and harmonise stakeholders towards greater productivity.

Is it complicated? Actually, no it's not. It's a matter of consulting with us to formulate a brief with us, engaging our design team, and following a tried and tested logical process.

Just toying with the idea of a new brand?

It's very easy for an agency to walk through the door of a company who is considering a re-brand, and for them to wave their hands in air shouting and insisting "re-brand, re-brand". We don't work like that. There's a simple question to ask - will a re-brand help the company, directly or indirectly and generate more revenue? If you'd like to talk it through, please call +234 803 682 1933.

The mention of a branding or re-branding project within an organisation can often provoke an emotive response as companies tend to be loyal to what they know. The brand process, however, has multiple benefits including the ability to bring together stakeholders who at the start of the project have differing views of the outcome, or may even be dubious about the need to do it at all.

Jemmc Branding Team always delivers what your business needs to help it generate more revenue. We work with everyone involved to that end. No matter how big your organisation, re-branding has a refreshing outcome when it's handled correctly and sympathetically from the start.

Decided you need a new brand?

When it comes down to brand design New Brand Vision is consistently capable of creating impressive and appropriate logo identities, and efficiently rolling out brands. We ensure that everyone is brought into the process, and at the end agrees with, and is excited by, how the new brand was reached, how it looks, and what it represents.

Jemmc Branding Team takes a wider view of the objectives at stake and can advise its clients as to how best to devise and frame the right project relative to available budget and desired outcomes. Our brand design services include:
  • Logo Identities
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stationery
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Printing  
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