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Business Applications 

Many of our customers have had great software products which have served their needs well over the past years with the occasional glitches. The current problem - Its old, buggy, needs new features and more life. We are experts in recreating the original goals with new purpose. Within a few days we will redesign the UI's to reflect more ease of use and do away with the clutter. Then within a few weeks we will recreate the software which will be web enabled, faster and capable of handling massive loads.

We plan out the complete development process by evaluating most suited technologies, researching solutions, creating a wish-list for phased development and rounding it off by a series of test plans and quality testing.

All software's delivered by us are supported for modifications and upgrades through their life cycle and we have provided support to our customers for more than 5 years. 

Our softwares can be setup for your own internal use or for SaaS (Software as a Service - Think 'Gotomeeting', 'Webex').

Call us now and lets discuss how we can work together. Our pricing model will bring a smile and you will get started quickly, rest assured.


Microsoft technologies, Apple Design.

An application is only as good as its design or User Interface. UI's designed without the users focus and interaction tend to be treated as a Programmer's software and is generally discarded as bad software.

A programming team may be very good at its work but if specific UI talents are not incorporated into the software design then the best programmed software will fail miserably.

We are specialists in UI design. The fundamental goal of any new software project should be to create a rich but easy to use UI. If the new software requires a manual for explaining its use, then its best taken back to the drawing board. UI design need not be bold and eye-catching. It should enable the task without drawing unnecessary attention to itself.

At Jemmc we use User Prototyping (Paper, Wire frames or Simple screens), Architecture information, Talk aloud protocols and Usability testing (Visual form vs Function) to create the perfect UI design.

Our UI designers are very different from Graphic designers as a UI is more cognitive and user based as opposed to Graphic design which is generally Rich and bold. 
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